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NEW Commodity: Waterstop for Construction Joint and Expansion Joint

Good NEWS!!!

Commodity: Waterstop for Construction Joint and Expansion Joint

Now, welcome every friend to ask us the waterstop.

Definitely Fine Quality and Great Price in the market.

In following, it is a brief introduction of waterstop. Please carefully read. Thanks!!

No.1 Rubber water stop 

It mainly prevent the penetration of groundwater, improve the service life of buildings.

This product uses a rubber with good wear resistance and tear resistance, a new type of building
waterproof material through a specific production process, with sealing function to adapt to a variety of
load compression deformation.

No.2 PVC water stop

It is the most modern and advance water sealing product developed to meet the specific requirements of designers and builders. It prevent seeping through of liquids in dams, basements, aqueducts, swimming pools, roofdecks, tanks, reservoirs, underpasses, canals, cellars, and other watertight structures.

No.3 Diffent profiles of water stop

Centrally waterstop

Externally waterstop

Centre Bulb waterstop

Without centre bulb waterstop

Steel Fin waterstop/ Steel edge waterstop

Dumbbell waterstop

Rubber waterstop

PVC waterstop

EVA waterstop

Rubber sealing waterstop

Rubber Buffer waterstop

TPV & TPER waterstop

Hydrophilic rubber waterstop


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